Brioche-Ing Through the Snow

Remember this post where I listed a bunch of unfinished projects that I wanted to get done?  Well…. yeah, I’m working on it.  I got completely sidetracked by one of the projects.

I drank the Brioche stitch Kool-Aid.   And you know what?  It’s good.  It’s very good.  Brioche is squishy and satisfying to knit.  It also works up quickly, as you slip every other stitch.  It’s kind of addictive!

It’s the Rudbeckia Hat.  I knit one as a class sample.  Then I bought more yarn (I have a strange lack of dk weight yarn in my stash) to make a second hat.  I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to see if I start to brioche everything ala Stephen West, or if this second hat gets it out of my system.

Rudbeckia Hat

Yarn:  RavenTwist Superwash Merino.  This lofty yarn feels like it’s got cashmere in it.

Mods:  None, knit as written as I feel the need to follow it to the letter for the class’ sake.

Addie claimed this hat almost as soon as it was knit.  And because I think that she looks adorable in it (and it’s a step (or three) above the WWII brimmed hat she’s been wearing), I let her keep it.  Since RavenTwist is not yarn that the shop I work for carries, I felt like the second hat should be out of something we sell there.

Rudbeckia Hat II

Yarn:  Rowan Pure Wool dk

Mods:  Since the first hat turned out on the large and very slouchy side on me, I decided to stick with the smaller needle for the entire hat.  Otherwise no mods were made.  The hat is still slouchy, but in less of a Rastafarian sort of way.



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