A Little Elfin Magic


You may remember that I have a small collection of elves that show up every year at Advent.  Well this year I have continued to add to the collection with some little holiday themed gnomes.

The thing is, if you do a gnome in red and green, is it still a gnome or is it an elf?

Does the gnome nature depend solely upon it’s presence in a garden?

In Harry Potter, the Weasley’s dress up a garden gnome and use it as the angel on top of the tree.  Are they then of the same short statured origin just with different names?  Hmmm….

Regardless of what you call them, the gnomes from Never Not Gnoming are addictive to knit.  They are fast with an easily memorized pattern.  It’s perfect for using up all the little tiny balls of yarn that are leftover from knitting socks, or for the mini skeins that some of us collect.  Each new combination of yarns is even more cute than the last.  That gray mohair beard?  Adorable.  I think he looks like the gnome version of one of the ZZ Top guys.  I think I’d like to see a strand of mohair held with the fingering weight yarn.  Short beards, long beards, dark beards, or light; they’re all adorable.

I’m planning on teaching the Here We Gnome Again pattern as a shop class.  Which means that I need to get rolling on making more gnomes.  I can only imagine that they will be as much fun to make.  I’ve also got a few quick knits going for Christmas presents and an Advent calendar scarf which I am woefully behind on.  ‘Tis the season where I blissfully cast on new items with the hope of having them done by the time we celebrate.  And let me tell you,  making Christmas presents gets harder the older the girls get.  It’s not that they are picky (they’re really not), it’s that they stay up so late!  I’ve taken to hiding and knitting at night so that I can get something done without them knowing.  Sigh… who knew parenting teenagers was so fraught with peril!?




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