Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Put One Foot In Front of the Other

I think that link is appropriate for this time of year.  After all, it’s continuing to look a lot like Christmas outside!

Just one of the snow piles that is bigger than Lily

(By the way, that’s a soy hot chocolate that she’s holding in the Starbucks cup.)

It’s one of those days weeks where I really need to see progress and relatively instant gratification.  In other words, it’s a list day.

  1. We are starting a Knitting group after school at Cathedral School.  I’m excited, really-really excited.  There’s a stash of donated yarn in my office closet.  The goal is for the kids to be able to knit squares for an afghan.  The kids will make garter stitch squares, the adults will knit complementary 4 leaf squares to pull it all together.  My sample square:

    4 Leaf Clover Afghan Square
  2. Since it looks like Christmas outside, I knit a Button Tab Hat over the weekend.  It’s out of leftover Socks that Rock Heavyweight.  I might even be able to squeak one more hat out of this skein.  The buttons are a gift from a friend which have been marinating in my stash for quite some time.

    Button Tab Hat
  3. The 2 red sweaters are still in progress.
  4. It’s Eat Downtown week in Duluth.  It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I’m kidnapping a co-worker and we’re going for lunch.  The only hard part is deciding where to go for lunch.
  5. I wish I had seen this post from Crafaholics Anonymous before Easter.  The little rock chicks are so cute!
  6. And lastly, I want to take this class at Stitches Midwest next August.  I don’t know why.  I think making that much icord (unless I can use my fun icord toy) would drive me absolutely batty.  Absolutely, Seriously batty.  I would never finish it.  I would have really good intentions, but I think the icord would just be too dull.  But I would love wearing it.
  7. Edited to add:  Why do I look at food blogs when I’m already hungry?  This is bad.  It’s like grocery shopping when you’re hungry kind of bad.  I do have a pretty amazing list of food bloggers that I currently read.  It always amazes me how amazing their staging and photography is.  Clearly they do not work out of my kitchen with it’s 3 feet of counter space and poor lighting.  Course I’m sure the fact that my iphone is my go to camera doesn’t help matters much.


It’s the Simple Things

It’s not too late to enter The Contest.  It officially starts today, but it runs until August 13th so you have plenty of time to get a few projects finished up.  I don’t believe that knitting should have hard and fast rules; let’s have fun and get some Unfinished Projects (UFO’s) done.  It doesn’t matter if you have 1 project to get done or 100 (I hope you don’t have 100), everyone is welcome to join in.  I am still also looking for another donation or 2 of yarn or related items for prizes.  I think it would be great to see some homemade stitch markers or something like that. 

I’m always amazed to see how little time it takes to finish these old projects.  Sometimes I was just a day or so away from finishing and I don’t really know why I ever stopped. 


This was not an UFO, but a quick little knit that I powered through to give to my little sister for her birthday.  It’s a Simple Things scarf from Rainy Day Goods. 

Yarn:  Pagewood Farms Alyeska Hand-dyed Sock Yarn; 360 yards (329 meters); 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon.  The colorway is Fushia Fizz – very appropriate. 

Needles:  Size US 4, 24" circular. 

Modifications:  None.  It’s an easy brainless knit.  You increase on the knit rows, purl on the backside and just keep doing that until the very end.  I would have liked to have blocked this a little more strenuously, but I was at the cabin and was limited to the materials at hand.  i.e. I didn’t have pins. 

I already have my yarn picked out for a second Simple Things.  Maybe even a third, although I’m kind of leaning towards a Brandywine Shawl instead. 

Hippie Spice Socks

One gift down.  Lots more to do! 

These are what I’m calling the Hippie Spice Socks.  They’re going to our daycare lady for her birthday this week.  No, she’s not a hippie.  I just find the name funny since it’s a combination of Market Spice and what I think of when I hear "flower power." 

Pattern:  Market Spice from Wollemeise.  Follow the link for a free pattern. 

Yarn:  Flower Power from Socks that Rock, Blue Moon Fiber Arts and a bit of Dream in Color Smooshy for the toes.

Modifications:  I decided not to follow the slip stitch pattern all the way down the foot because it might be too irritating when you wear socks.  I hate having something with texture across the top of my foot, it always feels like my shoes are laced too tightly.  These are made to fit a women’s size 9 foot.  I ran out of yarn right at the toes of the second sock.  I ripped out the toe of the first and knit them both in the Dream in Color yarn that I had left over.  I think the colorway is Stormy Skies or something like that.  The ball band is long long gone. 

I think this photo shows off the colors better.  I took the picture thinking you’d be able to see the texture on the leg better also.  I can’t wait to wrap these up in a pretty package.  Our daycare lady wears crocs most of the time and I think these will help keep her feet warm when she’s outside with the kids.