Change, It Is A Coming

The blog is going to be changing to a new format shortly.  Our company is changing over to a Wordpress format.  This won’t affect most of you, unless you have this blog saved as a favorite or follow a link here.  I’m not sure if the old links will work.  The new link is 


As for this pretty little ball of fluff, it’s Romney Rambouillet mix.  The long fibers of the Romney mix very nicely with the shorter Rambouillet.  I think it’s going to spin like a dream.  It’s beautiful, soft roving and I am thrilled beyond words at having it. 

One of the women in my knitting group raises sheep and she and I have briefly talked about hooking up and getting some fleece from her.  I would love to take the girls out to her farm to visit with the sheep.  Last week on a whim I brought the girls to knit night with me.  We thought we would treat the women to fresh picked raspberries from our yard; and the girls like going to the yarn store to visit.  I was shocked to find this roving waiting for me!  What a wonderful gift and such a surprise! 

Things Are Getting Finished Around Here

I may have finally escaped from the black hole of knitting that was sucking me in.  You know the hole I’m talking about, right?  The one where it feels like you’re never making progress even though you’re knitting and knitting and knitting.  Then, all of a sudden you look down and you’re much further along than you thought you were.  Suddenly, you’re free from the black hole, crusing along towards the bind off. 

The black hole applies to spinning as well.  I started this at Sock Summit last year.  For the longest time I just had one bobbin full and the rest was just sitting around while I finished up some other spinning.  I love this colorway, it makes me happy. 

Fiber:  Superwash Merino in Vintage Garden 

Company:  Susan’s Kitchen – I bought this at Sock Summit last summer as an impulse buy.  It is some super soft fiber.  I’m hoping she’ll be at Stitches Midwest so I can buy more of her fiber in person.  If not, then I’ll just have to haunt her etsy shop.  The pansy colorway is really calling to me. 

Yardage:  133 yds, 3-ply, approximately a worsted weight. 

This project I’ll tell you more about tomorrow.  Right now it’s blocking on my dining room floor.  It turned the water a very interesting shade of blue. 

My friend Diane finished these great socks last week.  She’s going to have the toastiest feet in town this winter!  Diane is an amazing knitter, and one of the sweetest people I know.  In a lot of ways she reminds me of my Mom.  She’s always so supportive at knit nights.  Even if your sleeves come out 2 different sizes, she’s the one that will be there telling you it will be ok and will even help you rip it back.  Diane is having surgery tomorrow so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Please send me your items as you finish them, I’ll either post photos or just jot you down as you finish things.  I’m keeping track of finished items for one of the prizes. 

Indecision 2010

I feel as though I am sunk in knitting indecision right now.  I still have not decided on what project I am going to knit for my Knitting Olympics project.  I know that I should be swatching right about now to ensure that the yarn I have will work for the project, but I just cannot decide!  I know it will not be knit with something I spun myself like I had originally thought.  I still have 1/3 of this beautiful superwash merino to spin before I can ply it and I just don’t see it happening in the next two weeks.  The green and brown corridale that I showed you in a previous post hasn’t made it’s way off the spindle yet. 

This is what I do know:

  • I need to weave in the ends and photograph a baby bootie and cap set for our friend Darla’s new baby.  (and mail it)
  • I need to finish up another baby sweater and mail it off. 
  • I am itching to knit something for myself for a change.
  • My littlest one needs a new pair of mittens and I’ve decided to design my own pair for her.  I’m mostly finished with the first mitten.
  • Whatever I knit for the Knitting Olympics will be sleeveless – it’s all I can reasonably expect to get done in the alloted time. 
  • I’m very taken by the Slinky Rib top from Custom Knits (Free Pattern here)
  • I am quite open to any ideas for a vest/sleeveless top pattern that anyone might have. 

Luckily I am taking off this weekend for a scrapbooking weekend with my older sister.  I’m suspecting that I’ll spend more time knitting than I will scrapbooking.  My laptop is so slow that I usually get a good amount of knitting done while I’m waiting for the scrapbook page elements to load. 

Lastly, I thought I should also answer some questions that have come up in the comments.

  • I have taken the liberty of deleting a few comments that do not seem to belong here.  I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I’m deleting the ones that don’t appear to be written by a human.  Nope, I don’t really need your ringtone, free or otherwise and I do not need to meet any nice women. 
  • I do not have any Sesame Street character sweater patterns.  My grandma seemed to have steered clear of that fashion trend, although she does have a few sweaters from the 70’s that are downright crazy.  Knittymuggins is right, something goofy was going on in the 70’s when it came to clothing.  (Although one could probably say the same about the 80’s). 
  • The bread recipe that I have talked about (I love it!) is actually from Artisan Breads in Five Minutes a Day and can be found on, Barnes and Noble or at a local bookstore.  I noticed that I misspelled the book title and it caused some confusion. 




Olympic Training

Hours of dedicated training time.  Sore muscles, anguished cries and the hope that maybe this time I can pull it off.  That’s right, I’m in training for the Olympics. 

The Knitting Olympics anyway. 

The Knitting Olympics is something that The Yarn Harlot started several years back.  It only happens (at least for Stephanie Pearl McPhee) once every 4 years during the Winter Olympics.  Last year, during the Summer Olympics, Ravelry started their own Olympics.  The idea is that you pick a project that can be completed during the 2 weeks of the Olympics.  As with any Olympic sport, your project should be something that stretches your boundaries – it should push you to the limits of your knitting endurance.  You then sign up for a team on Ravelry and announce your project.  Several teams are taking members already.  I know the Yarn Harbor in Duluth is sponsoring a team, although as far as I know they haven’t released the details. yet. 

So what’s my project?  I’m not totally sure yet.  I think it would be awesome to spin my own yarn for the project though!  Maybe out of this…

It’s beautiful roving from Cloudlover Fiber


Otherwise the green that you see above is actually green and chocolate brown striped Louet Corriedale that I Navajo Plyed. I just finished that last night and I can’t wait to see how much yardage I have.  It’s not all that even in thickness, it ranges from worsted to fingering weight.  I think I spun it over such a long period of time that my technique has changed.  I do have roving left over, but I’m not sure I can replicate what I’ve done.  Plus, I’m anxious to get on to the Cloudlover Fiber.  So, if you have any pattern ideas for something I can knit out of my crazy handspun, let me know!

The Spin Doctor

I’ve been putting a good spin on things around the Big Blue House lately. 

Last week I took a beginning spinning class at Yarn Harbor.  I’ve been spinning for about 6 months and am fairly confident in my spinning, however, after taking a class at Sock Summit in August I felt like there was more that I should know.  So, when in doubt, start at the beginning.  I picked up a couple of good tips and got some reassurance that what I was doing was on the right track. 

This weekend I decided to Navajo ply some yarn that I had spun quite a while back.  It’s merino in alternating long stretches of brown and olive green.  My intention was that I’d make self-striping sock yarn out of it.  It’s been sitting on the bobbin for several months now.  Since I’ve spun this, I’ve taken two classes where the instructors have told me to spin a tighter twist.  Ummm… yeah, now I understand why.  When you ply 2 strands together (this makes the yarn stronger and more durable), you ply in the opposite direction from your regular spinning.  If you’re spinning the original yarn (called a single) clockwise, then you ply in the counter clockwise direction.  When I went to ply the yarn, it was so underspun that the yarn just went *poof* in my hands.  It dissolved back into fluffy roving.  So… what to do?  Any suggestions?  I’m thinking about just running it back through the wheel and adding more spin to it.  Will that work?

While I think on that, I’ve also been spinning some superwash merino.  It’s from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks.  I bought it at Sock Summit, so I’m pretty sure that I’m attributing it to the correct dyer.  I do remember that they gave me a Voodoo Donut while I was shopping.  I thought that was brave, handing a customer a Coco Puffs donut while she’s fondling your wool.  By the way, her seacell merino would make an awesome gift for any knitter.  It’s an amazing price for seacell.  And it’s purrr-ty!