Opening Ceremonies

Just in case our friends thought I couldn’t get any dorkier, I managed to prove them wrong last night during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Not only did I arrive late because I was at Fabric Works for the official Cast On Party, but I managed to comment on all the wonderful knitwear the Olympians were wearing. 

There was some seriously cool designs and I can’t wait to see how fast knitters will come up with their own patterns for these. 

The US Olympic reindeer hat can be found at or Ravelry link’d here. Those clever knitters figured out a chart right away and whipped one up before the Opening Ceremonies. 


Now I’m waiting for the Olympic Sweater pattern.  You can go here to Ralph Lauren and buy your own sweater for $425, but I think this is well worth knitting on your own.  I’m pretty sure with a copy of Barbara Walkers Treasury of Knitting or a Harmony Stitch Guide you could figure out the Celtic Knot design pretty easily.  The arms are just a repeat of the center stitch panels.  Made with Cascade 220 or a Garn Studio yarn, it would be nice and sturdy.  The Ralph Lauren sweater is a wool/cashmere mix… mmmm.  The perfect winter sweater.  If you decide to design this sweater, be sure to let me know.  It’s definitely going to be in my knitting future! 

Little Pig, Little Pig, Go Away!

Swatchity Swatch Swatch


I would like to ask the swine flu to please leave my home.  We’ve been battling this bug since last Wednesday with one child or the other. 

In the meantime, very little knitting has been happening.  It’s hard to knit when you’re playing nurse to a 5 year old and a 3 year old.  I finished up one sock last night during the Packer/Viking game and got a start on the second.  Much of my day today has consisted of rocking the 3 year old who’s got a 103 fever.  The poor thing is miserable.  Even with Tylenol (whoever invented that should be sainted!) it only brings the fever down to 100. 

So today, I have a picture of a swatch.  Yep, pretty exciting.  In Knitting 101 (if I had taken the class, which I didn’t) you learn to do a gauge swatch before starting a project.  This one I actually did mostly correct.  That means I knit a 4 inch x 4 inch square.  Or at least I would have if I hadn’t run out of yarn.  I made this one from scraps of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran.  Then, I washed it and blocked it.  To be honest, I normally skip this step.  After it was dry, I took out the pins and measured gauge.  I’m really impressed with how soft this washed up. 

It’s important that this project fit correctly as the recipient is picky.  And since I only have 1100 yds of the particular color I want to make sure it will work out.  I’m thinking it’s going to be the Cobblestone Pullover from Brooklyn Tweed.  Or maybe an Elizabeth Zimmerman cabled sweater.  What do you think?? 

Flower Girls

The sweaters were finished, blocked and (most of) the ends were weaved in by the time we got to the wedding last weekend.  I say most because I somehow missed one end on Lily’s sleeve so I just ended up tucking it up into the sleeve all day.  Making the sweaters was a really good idea since it was unseasonably cold in Milwaukee last weekend.  While the wedding party was having pictures taken, it even snowed!  I probably could have gotten away with making the sweaters out of alpaca for even more warmth instead of bamboo. The couple wanted wedding photos taken outside at the Joan of Arc chapel on the Marquette campus.  We carried the kids, wrapped in the men’s tux coats, the three blocks to the chapel and hurridly took the photos.  Everyone had goose bumps! 

The three flower girls were adorably cute, as only 3 and 5 year olds can be.  They did a wonderful job walking down the aisle; they even held hands the whole way! 

I’m pretty positive that someone took a photo of the 4 of us together.  However, I don’t remember who it was.  It certainly wasn’t with my camera.  My camera had a wonderful blurry effect all weekend that I couldn’t figure out.  I kept changing the settings and messing with the focus.  Turns out that Lily had been playing with my camera last week and got messy fingerprints all over the lens.  Now that the lens is clean, it takes crisp photos again. 


I believe I promised more pictures of the completed Cinxia sweater.  We seem to have been blessed with an Indian Summer this year, so we went out into the backyard to take some pictures.  I’m really not sure that we can call it an Indian Summer since we really didn’t have much of a summer to start with.  But despite the cool temperatures, my garden seems to have turned into a jungle.  It survives very nicely by benign neglect.  You can see the pumpkins and corn in the background.  What you can’t see is the world’s largest cherry tomato plant.  Honestly, this tomato plant is larger than the zucchini plant!  The tomato escaped it’s cage and is currently sprawled all over the garden.  The cherry tomatoes are coming fast and furious; the girls have really enjoyed eating tomatoes every night after we get home. 

I’m spending lots of time trying to figure out what to do with the plethora of produce the garden is producing.  Between the garden and my CSA box, I’ve got lots and lots of fresh veggies this summer.  I’ve been freezing most of it.  I’m not much of a canner, but I do enjoy cooking.  I’ve put stuffed peppers and stuffed zucchini in the freezer and have made a couple of batches of spaghetti sauce.  I’m thinking about making some enchilada sauce as well to freeze.  If anyone has recipes they would like to share, I’d love to see them.  Mostly I have tomatoes to use up at this point.  Although I have a little cabbage, some cauliflower and summer squash. 

Back to the sweater, I haven’t found a clasp I really like yet, so I’m using an old pin.  I think I like the way it looks.  The photos were taken before blocking, so the edges are now crisper and the sweater has stretched a bit lengthwise.

 Edited to try to fix the Title link. 

Pushing Through

Sorry for the poor color on the photo… I took it in a dark house last night… should have waited for natural light.

You know when you’re working out and you hit the wall and you know that if you can just keep pushing through that you’ll be just fine, you’ll finish the workout?  Well, sometimes knitting it like that too.  I am making 2 little shrugs – girls sizes 2 and 5 – for a wedding that my girls are flowers girls at in early October.  I’ve hit a wall.  A wall of frustration and boredom – normally the kiss of death for any knitting project I take on. 

I started working on the larger shrug (I’ve learned that if I’m to make 2 of anything I should make the larger or more boring of the 2 first) in June.  I got all the pieces knitted and started sewing them together.  But the sleeves didn’t fit quite right.  I figured it was just my poor sewing skills and decided that when I made the second sweater, I would do the sleeves from the top down with a circular needle instead of sewing them in after the fact.  When I started the second sweater I checked gauge (i.e. tension, i.e.stitches per inch) I realized that I was way way off.  Way off.  Wowza, was I off.  So I went down 3 needle sizes, got gauge and called it good.  Now, I’m working on the first sleeve.  I’m sort of winging the decreases and making notes so I can replicate them on the second sleeve.  I’m also trying it on my daughter as I go so I know it’s going to fit (I’ve had to add 4 inches to the sleeve since she’s long and skinny). 

Here’s the problem.  I have 3 weeks until the wedding.  3 weeks to finish one sweater and do the ribbing on the 2nd is not bad.  However, should I go back and reknit the first sweater???  I’m thinking yes.  But what if I run out of time!?  Plus, what I really want to do is knit… something else…


and This,

and This,

oh yes, and This.  (but I’m still searching for the perfect yarn for that)

And that doesn’t even account for Christmas presents that I need to start working on.  Somebody help me!