It’s Possible

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of musical theater going on in our house.  Both girls have been involved in musicals this summer.  Addie was a Bird Girl in Seussical Jr. and Lily is a villager in Once on this Island.  I watched back to back showings of Seussical and have been singing “It’s Possible” ever since.  My favorite part (other than watching Addie bevel and swish) was when Horton asks JoJo if she dreams when she thinks.  JoJo replies, “In bright colors!”  I might have yelled in my head, “YES!” at that scene.

2016-07-02 18.17.10While I’m not always drawn to bright colors in my knitting (I am trying to branch out), knitting for kids is a great way to get some bright colors on the needles.  My 2 year old nephew needed some wool socks for next winter.  Enter this fun skein of Lollipop Yarn in Best Friends that I was able to snag.


2016-07-02 18.17.14I made the Tube Socks for Kids pattern as my nephew is growing fast and I wanted them to be worn as long as possible.  He really wasn’t crazy about trying them on during a warm July day, but I know they’ll get worn this winter.

*I have not counted these for Stash Dash yet even though they are finished and gifted.  I’m waiting until I finish this particular ball to keep the math easy.

2016-07-04 20.50.29

Since I had quite a bit of yarn left, including the green heel/toe ball that is included with the yarn, I decided to cast on immediately for socks for Lily.  These are tube socks as well since her feet are growing at a crazy rate.  The socks have been moving at a crazy rate as well, but that might be because they’re small and the only project I’ve worked on this week.

Ask the Wee Ones

The girls wanted a chance to weigh in on the blog. I decided to let the girls type in their own answers and not give any editorial comments whatsoever (even though it’s very hard).  I’ve even included photos of the projects that the girls are talking about because I’m not sure you’ve ever seen these photos.  I wanted to put a photo on of the girls that I took last week, because it shows their moods perfectly.  However, Lily asked that I take it town because she didn’t look happy.  She’s been in a bit of a snarly mood all week, and I think you’ll be able to tell at least a little from her comments.


Over on the Ravelry group, Knittymuggins asked,

“OK wee ones….. I know your mom knits A LOT 🙂

So what is your favorite thing she has knit for you? And what do you think is her favorite thing she has knit for you?”

WI Deer 2012 094

Addie:  I think that MY fave is this beautiful hat that has all this blues and purples (and other colors that I can’t remember…) is definitely true to my heart. Plus, I got to show it off to my teachers and friends which is a definite plus!! 😉 Hmm…  the one that my mom likes making me the best…. THAT is a toughie….. Probably the knee-high-socks she made for me to wear on Halloween when I was Strawberry Shortcake. Don’t judge!! 🙂 Those were fun to wear and I bet they were fun to make. ( Even though after Halloween I didn’t wear them very much!) Thanks for the awesome questions Knittymuggins! 🙂

Little Lily
Little Lily in the sweater (approx. age 4)

Lily: I think my favorite thing is probably the sleeveless sweater that I had when I was little. I don’t know it could be a hat or sweater. It is hard to tell because she has made so many things.

Do you have a question for the Wee Ones?  Ask it in the comments or in the Ravelry group.

January Thaw

Only in Wisconsin is there a 45 minute + wait for the car wash when the temperature gets up to 28 F!

Which means this is officially a January warm up.  Just in time to show off some of my new knits

First up is the Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  I cast this on right around Christmas.  It actually started out as a kit for another shawl, but I didn’t like the way the pattern and yarn were behaving.

The pennies are a sorting project Lily was doing. I just thought it was kind of pretty.

The main body of the shawl is knit in Knit One Crochet Too Douceur et Soie and Elfin Tweed.  I absentmindedly kept knitting in garter stitch far enough into the body of the shawl that I decided to call it a design element and move on.  I kind of like how squishy the garter stitch makes it.  As I approached the border I was a little afraid I was going to run out of the Elfin Tweed (probably because of the garter stitch) so I switched out to JoJoland Melody keeping one strand of the Douceur et Soie with it.  I love how the JoJoland changes colors along the edge.

The other knit I have to show off is the Hitch Pullover.

To be fair, I knitted this over the summer and even sewed it together but just couldn’t get the ends woven in and the buttons sewn on before finding something else more interesting to work on.  I think it was really the button issue that was stopping me.  I wasn’t sure which buttons I really wanted.  So I pulled it out and started weaving in ends during one of the last Packer games.  Before the game was finished, the ends were woven in.  I decided I really kind of like it without the buttons.

Out take #39


Ask the Wee Ones:  (the part of the blog where you get to ask questions of my children and they’ll answer you.)

Q:  Lily, when did you start knitting and why?

A:  I starting knitting at about 1st grade.  I decided to knit because Momma knitted.  Right after I learned to knit, Momma and some of her friends decided to teach a knitting class at the school.  I’ve knit a bunch of cowls, 2 hats, and a scarf for an American Girl Doll.

Send me any questions you have for Addie or Lily and we’ll answer them on the blog.  Lily would like you to know that while Addie doesn’t knit, as an eleven year old she does have very definite ideas on most things.