A Brilliant Idea

I love my mittens.  They are warm and cozy and beautiful.  They are Fiddlehead Mittens from Hello Yarn made with Manos Silky outside and Frog Tree Alpaca inside.  I’ve made two pairs of these mittens and I could probably make more.  I just love the play of color up these mittens.  Made with a tiny circular needle (9") the pattern just flies along. 

There’s only one problem.  I am very hard on mittens.  I tend to be a picker.  If there is a loose thread or a little bit of an inconsistency, I worry at it with my fingertips while I drive.  I pick and I rub and eventually there is a hole.  But I think I solved the problem brilliantly.  Or at least I thought I did until I shared my solution with a friend and she looked at me like I was nuts.


I took a little fluff of fiber – Cloudlover Merino/Bamboo – in the tips of the fingers and thumb.  This helps keep my fingers toasty warm and gives me something even softer to touch all day long.  It makes me want to spin some more.  It just makes me happy.  Now I’m quite sure that someone else has thought of this before me, has anyone else heard of this?

I showed this to a friend and she thought it was kind of yucky – like having kleenex stuck in the mitten.  So maybe it’s not for everyone.  But if you’re a texture person, give it a try.