Happy Festivus!

Socks That *really* Rock

If you have to work in between Christmas and New Year’s, I hope you get to sit and watch a webinar for one of the days.  Although I didn’t knit through the entire webinar (I did some actual productive multitasking) there were times when I couldn’t continue printing since the other attendees would hear me.  When this happened I picked up my sock and knit.

And although he didn’t seem to be crazy about the colorway (it seemed to trigger some 70’s childhood related flashbacks – which might somewhat explain the all black uniform), my boss did condone the knitting.  I think he realized that me watching a webinar on payroll so that I can be backup for our Finance Director was a bit of agony.  Let’s face it, doing payroll is not my idea of fun.

The sock yarn is Socks That Rock in A Very Scummy Christmas.  I got this and another skein (Hobbit Garden) from my parents for Christmas.  I’m doing another pair of Houdini Socks.  I haven’t decided how I’m doing the leg of the sock yet though.  I know I won’t use the Houdini Sock leg that Cat Bordhi has in the pattern as that doesn’t do much for me.  The last time I knit these I did a 2×2 rib, which seems a little dull for these 70’s throwback socks.  Any ideas for me?

Dashing Through the Snow

Dashing Through the Snow – by Addie

Dashing through the snow on a pair of broken skiis,  crashing into trees, the snow is turning red I must have dropped my yarn and that is why your sweater is not finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would add:  Sandbakkels, bourbon balls, the kitchen is a mess.  Oh what fun it is to deal with all the Christmas stress!

Ok.  Maybe we shouldn’t be quitting our day jobs to start writing lyrics any time soon.

There’s a lot going on around here.  We’ve got the first of 3 Christmas’ starting on Saturday and I still need to wrap presents.  Anything that isn’t done at this point has pretty much been written off.  I think my girls will get Valentine’s Day sweaters.  (the sleeve of one is pictured above).  I’m actually to the neck decreases on this sweater with both sleeves done so it’s feasible that it would be done by Christmas, however I’d like to give each girl their sweater at the same time so no one feels left out.

I’ve been working on the blanket for a trade.  I call it the Ugly Blankie.  It’s ok, it’s just not something I would normally choose to make.  I tend to struggle with matching more than 2 colors together.  This many colors is definitely a stretch for me.  Plus I’m dreading weaving in the ends.  I’m on the downhill stretch as I’m knitting it on the diagonal and I just started the decreases.

I did finish a scarf that is intended for a friend.  I think he’ll be thrilled to get it as he asked me for 2 last year.  The second one is on the needles and I hope to get lots of knitting done on it in the car on the way to my parents.  The second one is made from chunky wool so it’s going much faster.

The Beekeepers Quilt is slowly being worked on in fits and starts.  I love making the hexipuffs, it’s just a matter of other things taking priority.  The nice thing about our Christmas celebrations this year is that they are spread out over an entire week.  This gives me a little bit of wiggle room for getting the Beekeepers Quilt done.  And if it doesn’t get done….

well, there’s always his birthday in February.


Holiday Cheer

“The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”  – Buddy from Elf


I’m in a good mood, a really good mood.  I spent all day Saturday baking quadruple batches of Christmas cookies with a friend. We gave about half of them away at 3 different masses this weekend. It’s part of a Cookie Sale fundraiser that we do for the school.  We baked them so that people could try before they buy.

Tonight I got the house partially decorated for Christmas.


But this is what makes me really proud.

1st project

Busting my buttons proud.

Lily decided that she wanted to knit again.  Not just sit on my lap and have me keep my hands on hers while she goes through the motions but really LEARN to knit.  I taught her the little rhyme I know:

In through the front door

Once around the back.

Peek through the front,

And off pops Jack.

Howevery, Lily didn’t like the name Jack so she decided to rename the stitches Pinky.  It doesn’t quite have the same flow, but it works.  The picture is of her practicing with 2 strands of yarn held together.  When I felt like she had the basic knit stitch down we went stash enhancing.  We found some Malabrigo Rasta in pinks and purples.  She borrowed my needles with the understanding that if she keeps finishing projects then she will get her own needles.  We cast on for a cowl.

Every day for a week Lily knit.  Then she was done.  She was finished with the yarn and wanted it to be done.  Since her cowl wasn’t tall enough to keep her neck and mouth warm (which is what she wanted it for) I had to do some secret knitting at night while she was sleeping.  Unfortunately I was caught – my knitting is much tighter than hers and the difference in tension made it tough to pull the cowl over her head.

Lily’s Cowl

Somehow she manages though!  She’s extremely proud of herself.  Now if I can just convince her that she should make a cowl for her sister for Christmas….


Since no photo shoot is complete without a few outtakes, I’ll leave you with this one.  I’m not sure what is funnier, Lily’s giggles or Addie trying so hard to be in the picture.

Cutting Room Floor

By the way, we’re decorating for Christmas, which is why we have the rubbermaids in the background.