Buy a Lottery Ticket

I’m not much of a gambler, in fact, I never buy lottery tickets.  I know, you’ve got to play to win, but I hate spending money on something that I’m sure I’m not going to win.  However, if I were going to win, today would be the day.  I should have bought a Powerball ticket. 

Signature Double Points in a Cashmere blend sock

Yesterday, I was the lowest of the lows.  I pulled out my knitting at lunch and discovered that I only had 3 of my Signature Needlesin my knitting.  Where had my 4th needle gone?  I searched my car, my desk, my purse.  It was gone.  I tried not to panic, it must be at home.  When I got home, my husband and I tore the couch apart.  We gave it a well deserved cleaning and sent Lily behind the couch (she’s the smallest!) to find “treasures.”  I was not panicking up until this point.  However, my husband had images of a extremely sharp needle skewering our girls as they jumped on the couch.  He scared Lily so badly she asked me if she could lay on the couch without dying when she woke up this morning.  I searched the car again.  I scoured the parking lot at work and asked my co-workers to keep an eye out.  If my co-workers didn’t think I was strange before, they do now. 

Tonight as I was pulling into the driveway, I stopped to take a long look.  Even though I had looked twice already at the driveway, I looked again.  My husband and I had swapped cars so the car I normally drive wasn’t in the driveway.  There, near where my back tire would normally be, was a glint of green and silver winking in the late afternoon sun.  I found a $10 needle in a haystack!  I couldn’t be happier! 

Did I mention the sun is shining?  Spring may have actually reached the Northland!

It’s Another List Day

It’s another day for a list.  Mostly because I need to get ready to go shopping for a birthday present and then go to said party.  6 year olds at a bowling alley.  Yes, I will bring my knitting! 

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have any good knitting pictures.  The rainy weather hasn’t been conducive to taking photos.  The other problem is that we (read: me twice and kids once) came down with a virus from you know where and I’m just digging out of that hole.  I’m sure you can imagine the pile of laundry 4 people create. 
  2. The only photo I have of the new sweater I knit (and wore to Yarnover) is one I don’t want to have seen in public.
  3. Rest in Fleece I’m not really sure how I feel about this.  Interesting concept and an interesting way to “Go Green.” 
  4. My Ravelry sidebar with my projects in progress (or lack of progress since they all seem to be UFOs) seems to have disappeared.  I probably need to figure that one out. 
  5. Although I don’t have any photos, I do have a lot of knitting in progress.  Currently I’m working on a hat I started at Yarnover.  It’s the Barvarian Twisted Stitch Hat.  I also have the Goodale in progress and a sock, the Show Off Stranded Socks.  Oh yes, and a scarf somewhat of my own design.  I guess that’s why nothing seems to be knitting quickly. 
  6. I’ve made myself promise that I need to finish one of the current projects before I start anything new.  I have a horrible case of startitis.  I really want to knit out of my stash right now (or out of newly acquired stash).  I’ve got a yearning to make a short sleeve sweater out of DK red wool.  I really want to knit the Sideways Surprise Shawlette out of some silk laceweight that I’ve had in my stash for a long time. 
  7. Will spring ever arrive?  It’s May and we’re wearing sweaters and warm coats.  Ugh.