Good Help Is Hard to Find

7 Year Olds Take Interesting Photos

One of the women I knit with is fond of saying, “Good help is hard to find.”  Generally she says this while working at the yarn store when she can’t get the cash register to work the way she wants.  Mostly, I think she says this because she’s a naturally humble person with a great sense of humor.  She’s one of the best knitters I know and I’d like to be just like her some day. 

This same knitter has made two of the Sideways Shawlettes in the time it’s taken me to do one.  It’s not because it was hard, but because the fringe was boring me to tears.  I finally finished this at a scrapbooking retreat I was at this past weekend.  Yes, it was a scrapbooking retreat.  Yes, I mostly knit.  It’s what I do. 

Modelling is Hard Work

But back to the shawlette.  I had decided this particular shawl needed a bit of bling.  So I bought some beads to put along the fringe.  The shawl travelled with me to Sock Summit, to Chicago, to my parent’s house, and finally to the retreat.  To be honest, I only worked on the shawl fringe at Sock Summit and at the retreat.  The fringe was just that boring. 

As for the crazy pictures, well that’s where the good help comes in.  My model is my 7 year old daughter who was less than enthused about helping out unless she was able to use my shawl to be an “old west bad guy.” 

Bad Bart Robs the Bank

(check out the very determined walk that Lily is doing in the background!)

Pattern Details:
Yarn:  Claudia Handpainted Silk, held double. 
Needles:  Probably a 7… I really don’t remember since it’s been partially half done since about May.  Yes, I’m hanging my head in shame over that one! 
Mods:  None, except I think I made an unintentional one in that my points of the shawl didn’t quite come out evenly.  The good news is that I don’t believe anyone will ever notice while it’s being worn.  I’m choosing to call it a “design element” and move on. 

One thought on “Good Help Is Hard to Find”

  1. Looks good and your model is fantastic! I totally understand her need to get into “character” with Halloween so close!!!


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