Knitting Round Up

Can I just tell you how incredibly pleased I am with these sock blockers?  For many many years I used homemade sock blockers.  They worked ok, but it was slow going on the drying process as these were made out of vinyl placemats and they held water.  Then I upgraded to plastic sock blockers.  That worked ok too, but my house is a bit chaotic sometimes and certain members of my family maybe don’t put the same importance upon sock blockers as I do.  (Not that I’m blaming anyone)  So the plastic broke.  I still used them, easing the wet sock over the broken pieces and trying not to snag the inside of the knitting.  Finally, one day at work, I “splurged” on these metal frame sock blockers.  They have the nice hanger end – with the end piece covered so as not to cause problems with knitting that might be stored nearby.  The hanger means that 1.  You can store them easily in a closet.  2.  You can actually hang up your socks to dry.  3.  Lots of air circulation means that socks dry super fast!  Pretty cool, huh?

As for the socks, they’re a basic sock pattern with a little purl section here or there to keep things interesting.  I sort of made them up as I went along.  The gauge is a little looser than I would normally like, but they work well as socks for around the house.

I’m looking forward to a long holiday weekend where I can knit and sleep and (hopefully) enjoy the return of the sun.  (Sorry folks, the rain and cool weather is all my fault, I actually put away my warm sweaters this year to make room for summer clothes before mid-July)  This weekend I’m working on a little baby sweater for my cousin’s new baby and a bigger child sweater as a Christmas present.  I’m also bringing out the spinning wheel again as I’m determined to participate in Tour de Fleece this year.

I hope everyone has a great weekend filled with knitting, campfires, and a few s’mores – or whatever it is that you like to enjoy around the campfire!

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