Down to the Wire

I am down to the wire with the last bolero sweater.  I knit furiously through the Viking/Packer game last night and started casting off the ribbing during the final minutes when I thought maybe, just maybe Rodgers might just pull it off.  Alas, Rodgers is no Farve, and doesn’t have quite the flair for the dramatic 4th quarter pull it off at the last minute by the skin of his nose umph that Farve has.  I guess, then again, neither do I as the sweater is sitting in my car waiting for me to finish the bind off.  I should be able to finish it at lunch.  Tonight I’ll block the sweater.  This time around I’m going to put a fan on it so it will dry quicker than the last one.  We leave on Thursday for Milwaukee.  My plan for the first part of the road trip is to weave in all the ends. 

Oh, and I have to make some barrettes (Hair Pretties as they’re called at our house) for the girls to wear during the wedding.  Yikes, I hope they turn out OK. 

Then?  Well, then I will probably work some version of a manly scarf for my husband’s cousin.  My hubby’s aunt asked me to make her son a scarf for Christmas.  I’ve been searching for pretty green yarn in my stash, and while I have lots of partial skeins, I don’t have a full skein.  So… any suggestions?  Local suggestions that I can get quickly? 

I do have a website for everyone to check out, it’s not a local website, however I believe the mom of the woman who owns the company does live local.  🙂 And she read my blog which means that I like her already.  Three Irish Girls has incredible, amazing, wonderful colors on an awesome yarn base.  Her Tierney makes my heart go pitter patter!  I actually briefly met the owner at Sock Summit in Portland, OR.  She was very sweet and nice.  Had I realized at the time that she had a Northland Connection, I would have chatted her up more. 

I promise you’ll get photos soon, definitely photos of the girls in their flower girl dresses by next week! 

One thought on “Down to the Wire”

  1. What a nice little plug for Three Irish Girls you put on your blog, Jess! Thank you. 🙂

    I’ll have to tell Sharon about it – she’ll be tickled, I know.

    I love the mitten on your title photo – that is just gorgeous. I would pay good money for mittens like that!

    Have a great weekend,



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