Peace Out, Man

My daughter’s school had a concert last week, and the theme was Flower Power.  The kids were supposed to dress up in bellbottoms and tie dyed shirts.  What’s a crafty mom to do?  Make bellbottoms out of ripped jeans, of course! 

I remembered hearing about some of my Mom’s friends who, back in the day, cut out triangles of cloth and sewed it into the legs of their jeans to make bellbottoms.  I turned to the ever trusty source, You Tube, and searched for a video.  I half followed the directions and half winged it.  Since I managed to break my sewing machine bobbin holder in the midst of this project, I used Steam a Seam instead of sewing the seams.  My intention was to go back over the stitches with a whip stitch just to hold everything down.  However, I ran out of time and energy on the project.  I did cover up the ripped knee with a fun patch that my husband cut into a flower-like shape. 

For the final outfit, we added a flowered shirt, knitted headband, sunglasses and love beads.  Now she’s a flower child! 


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